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The Confined Space Academy

The purpose of the Xtirpa Academy is to instruct and empower Xtirpa distributors to effectively market Xtirpa equipment to end users.

Attendees are instructed through hands-on training and classroom instruction by our top-notch sales team, engineers and stand by rescue personnel.

Upon completion, attendees understand the full width and breadth of the Xtirpa line and how to present it to their customer base.     

Additionally, the Academy is also equipped to conduct and certify personnel in confined space rescue and retrieval.

The highly qualified staff is comprised of stand by rescue personnel and active-duty firemen who put attendees through rigorous classroom instruction and simulated scenarios at our state-of-the-art facility in Granby, Quebec.

When a crisis occurs and lives are at stake, graduates are physically trained and mentally prepared to rescue their team members.

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The goal of the coursework is to create Xtirpa solutions providers.  The training attendees receive is practical and insures they can market and present the equipment in a professional, efficient way in a vast array of confined space applications.

The training facility is configured so attendees see all the equipment configurations, assemble, and disassemble the equipment, and employ it at our simulator. 

This hands-on approach enables attendees to return to their sales territories and offer solutions with an in-depth knowledge they did not previously have prior to their attendance at the Xtirpa Academy.


Our facility, completed in 2021, is equipped with everything to provide a comfortable, safe, enjoyable learning and working environment

Our classroom and simulator are designed to create an exciting, thought provoking, interactive learning experience that will enable participants to be successful with Xtirpa when they leave.

And when you need a break, Xtirpa has large, very comfortable lounge where you can relax, enjoy a beverage and snacks, and catch up on emails and phone calls.

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Xtirpa Academy's services

The health and safety of Xtirpa Academy attendees is paramount.

For this reason, Xtirpa has further benefits and services in store for you:

1. Certification and licensing

Upon successful completion of confined space training and coursework at the Xtirpa Academy, attendees earn the certificate and the official license to work safely in confined environments.

2. Showroom access

During the course, attendees can use all areas of the Xtirpa Academy.

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3. Become a Partner

Xtirpa also offers training in the European market.  This specialized, highly professional course lasts a few days in which you will be fully trained on the marketing of the Xtirpa products.

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