The new Xtirpa Universal Anchoring Post

Welcome the brand new Xtirpa Universal Anchoring Post!

Welcome the brand new xtirpa universal anchoring post

The new Xtirpa Universal Anchoring Post is designed to handle a variety of fall protection applications. It can be installed on flat indoor or outdoor surfaces, rocky or dirt ground and can even be mobile with our vehicle hitch mount system.

Designed as a multi-person, horizontal lifeline or fall protection and retrieval device, it’s truly universal.

If you want to know more information visit the page: Xtirpa Universal Post.

Complying to EN 795 standard, it exceeds all the requirements and versatility you need to keep your workers safe and allows them to move freely as they work. 

Whatever your project, the new Xtirpa Universal Anchoring Post will surpass your expectations!


Do you want more information?

Do you want to know all the details about this fall protection lifeline? Visit the page about Xtirpa Universal Post!